Mediation & ADR Services

Disputes are inevitable. Conflict leading to combative relationships between officers, investors, suppliers, customers, partners, and creditors is not unusual.

Knowing how to quickly resolve disputes and stabilize a business is what we do. Often the best resolution to potential litigation is one controlled by the parties involved. The ADR experts at Gavin/Solmonese help parties confidentially resolve disputes in a cost-effective, less adversarial way.


  • Involuntary petitions
  • Avoidance actions
  • Relief from stay proceedings
  • Trustee motions
  • Sale and purchase of assets
  • Post-Sale contract interpretation
  • Executory contracts and lease issues
  • Post-petition financing
  • Disclosure statements
  • Plan confirmation
  • Representation of liquidating trustees and plan administrators in estate wind-downs
  • Adversary proceedings
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty cases

Ted Gavin holds a Master of Legal Studies degree from Pepperdine University’s Caruso School of Law and a Master in Dispute Resolution credential from the internationally recognized Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University’s Caruso School of Law. This globally top-rated dispute resolution program specializes in training professional mediators to be skilled, insightful, and reliable neutrals who can employ a vast array of skills to resolve disputes.

With 20+ years of experience working with distressed companies and their stakeholders Ted understands the ins and outs of business and disputes. He has extensive know-how in strategic planning, process re-engineering, and hands-on experience in industries such as transportation, regulated and non-regulated manufacturing, retail, pharmaceutical and healthcare, professional services, construction, and metal forming.

In addition to being a National Certified Professional Mediator (NCPM), Ted is a Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP) and a member of Mediators Beyond Borders International (MBBI). He served as Chairman of the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) from 2020 to 2021, and received the prestigious Turnaround Atlas Leadership Achievement Award honoring those individuals who, over the years, have contributed to successful turnarounds resulting in revitalized companies, an improved local economy, and job creation.  His experience, both as plaintiff and as expert for plaintiffs and defendants in litigation gives him the insight to understand conflict from the ground up and the ability to help disputants find the path to resolution.