Committees in Bankruptcy

One of the nation’s most frequently engaged advisory firms for creditors, Gavin/Solmonese regularly surveys distressed companies, finds the diamond in the rough, and maximizes value for creditor clients.

Our team has deep experience determining points of leverage, isolating weaknesses in senior claims, and structuring carve-outs for unsecured creditors.

We come prepared to efficiently evaluate potential claims and causes of action against the debtor, insiders, and other parties that drive increased value for creditors, including:

  • Correcting threats.
  • Creating higher returns.
  • Delivering expert testimony.
  • And if needed, standing up to entrenched parties who are looking to force a less-than-favorable conclusion.

Our track record of success even extends to bankruptcy cases in which it appeared the creditors were not going to recover their money — but Gavin/Solmonese successfully worked with counsel to deliver a positive financial outcome.